16S Technologies is leveraging the reduced cost of DNA sequencing for application in industrial settings.

These applications have been made possible by unique technologies developed to overcome the challenges of obtaining DNA data from the environments our industry partners operate in. Novel and patent pending technologies have been developed for sample collection, preservation, amplification/detection, sequencing, data analytics, and DNA stabilization.

Together these group of technologies allows us to apply DNA data quickly to a range of industry problems from reservoir souring, biocorrosion and DNA tracers.

Our platform technology can be rapidly deployed to provide unique actionable insights into your challenges.

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Using advanced DNA sequencing and proprietary data analytics, we offer a range of genomics diagnostics, biocide selection and consultancy services for microbial challenges faced by the oil and gas industry. In addition, 16S offers DNA-based oil and water tracers that have significant advantages when compared to legacy tracer technology.

Specifically, DNA tracers are cheaper, more plentiful and not disproportionately affected by downhole environments.

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The core of corrosion


Corrosion in the oilfield is a multibillion-dollar problem which makes determining the presence of microbes and the roles they play in corrosion vital. Our patented solution can improve corrosion protection while lowering chemical spend and is scalable to almost any size field.

Reduce chemical spend and failure frequency in your asset. 16S Technologies can customize a biocide plan to treat the genomics of your wells, reducing chemical spend and failure frequency.Key Benefits of 16S Technology Biocorrosion Services include:

  • Improved Corrosion Prediction
  • Increased Chemical Efficiencies
  • Faster than Culture Methods
  • More Actionable than Bug Bottles
  • Scalable at Low Cost

Oilfield Tracers

Non-radioactive oil and gas tracers have utilized the same chemicals for decades. These chemicals are limited in number of unique chemicals that limits potential tracer applications. Using short fragments of double-stranded synthetic DNA, 16S is able to offer an unlimited number of tracers.

DNA tracers have an advantage over traditional non-radioactive chemical tracers in that:

  • There are an essentially unlimited in number which allows new applications such as a unique tracer in each stage of a multiwell pad.
  • They are cheaper, typically 70% of current chemical tracer costs based primarily on the ultralow detection limits made possible by the our proprietary analytical methods.
  • All 16S DNA tracers have the same surface chemistry so they react to the downhole environment in the same way. Traditional tracers each have a different chemical make up and therefore will react to downhole conditions in differing ways – eliminating some of the more useful applications and hurting confidence in results.
In the evening oil field, the pump is running.


Originally founded in the northwest of England 16S Technologies has been leading the field in the development of DNA technologies for the energy industry. After nearly a decade of research and development, core technologies include sampling, sequencing, and DNA tracers. These patent-pending technologies have been applied to reservoir souring, MEOR, biocorrosion, completion design, and wellbore integrity.

In 2018 the company relocated its headquarters to Austin, TX to better serve the onshore US market. This move was made to significantly reduce turnaround time on results at the same time being available for customers.

A full wet laboratory is operated by 16S allowing us to complete the complete all work in house and develop new technologies quickly and cost-effectively.

A robust patent portfolio protects key parts of the business and 16S is actively involved in additional filing and IP defense.

Recent additions to the team, manufacturing expansion, and technical wins have 16S poised for substantial growth in oil and gas with an eye to the untapped market in DNA analytics within other industrial market segments.


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