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Determining the presence of microbes and the roles they play in corrosion within the oil and gas industry is vital. Therefore 16S Technologies provides a diagnostic and continuous monitoring service to ensure that corrosion causing microorganisms do not reach problematic and costly levels.
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$11.8 Billion

Annual spend on corrosion
by US Oil and Gas Companies

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1.6 Million

Active wells upstream;
34% have biocorrosion

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$200 Thousand

Cost per well if
untreated correctly

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Percentage of wells with
biocorrosion that fail

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$5.5 Billion

Remedial cost to repair failed wells
(this number is expected to exponentially
increase due to the use of produced
recycled water for fracing)


We utilize genomic and transcriptomic sequencing in our lab to understand the distribution of microbes in a field.

Data analytics

We use data analytics to predict the consequences of these microbes in engineered systems.

Chemical selection

We target antimicrobial chemicals to predict high risk microbes increasing efficiencies.


We deliver flow assurance at reduced OPEX.

Reduce chemical spend and failure frequency in your asset
16S Technologies can customize a biocide plan to treat the genomics
of your wells, reducing chemical spend and failure frequency

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